domingo, 22 de dezembro de 2013

Prenda de Natal: Von Otter e Costello

Para quem cá vier por estes dias, aqui deixo uma miniatura (há quem diga "miminho"):

"Green Song", cantada por uma dupla improvável,
Anne Sofie von OtterElvis Costello

Green Song

Is patience exhausted?
Are your pockets picked clean?
I was lost in the next world
Or somewhere in between.
And it's much as predicted,
They go down that same track.
They say they'll return
But they never come back.

Fine rain was falling on the gravel and glades.
The last rays of September bejewelled broken blades.
Are you still restless'
Or are you serene?
As the red earth lies under just a covering of green.

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